Americans Must Quarantine Over Coronavirus But Dems Promise “Free” Healthcare For Non-Citizens??!

Tim explains the issue with wanting American citizens to be extremely cautious to the point of imposing curfews and quarantines (to ‘flatten the curve,’ and not overwhelm the US healthcare system) even as the Democratic candidates take to the debate stage to promise non-citizens healthcare to win political points.

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751 Replies to “Americans Must Quarantine Over Coronavirus But Dems Promise “Free” Healthcare For Non-Citizens??!”

  1. Seth Kumar

    THAT is because this crisis is orchestrated by our sick NWO elitist overlords to have someone sweep in & overtake US & start b.s. New world 1world communist gov

  2. MisterHughes

    Dems can’t stop the Gerrymandering illegals-escalator now. If Americans won’t vote for hard-left ruin, import people who are used to it.

  3. Christopher Mirkovich

    The same thing with trying to take care of other people healthwise that you don’t need to should be applied to anyone else that’s including the single mothers

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