Americans are FAT, Body Positivity Is Not Helping

Data suggests that nearly 3/4 of Americans are overweight or obese, and average measurements of women over the age of 20 give some alarming numbers, including an average waist size of 38″/96.52 cm for the average height of 5’3″/160 cm. Tim and Adam discuss some of the possible motivations for affirming these unhealthy measurements.

1,338 Replies to “Americans are FAT, Body Positivity Is Not Helping”

  1. Eddy Dishart

    My argument against Medicare for All is simply DIABETES. that alone would bankrupt the country.. its something the MORONS that cheer “Denmark” don’t even consider.

  2. Eddy Dishart

    I really like Adam now.. but, he was kindofa dud back then. I was only watching timcast until recently…I started watching IRL and I think Adam’s awesome. Maybe he/they needed time to get into the groove.. I suppose I’ll get flamed by Adam fans…but he’s pretty useless in these older vids. Glad it worked out cuz nowadays its Tim who gets my pantiez in a bunch

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