America Is STILL The Best Country, People Are Dying For Perspective

Purpose and fulfillment give the hospital janitor purpose, which is often more than can be said for the top-earning, hardest-pushing, most famous big earner.

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955 Replies to “America Is STILL The Best Country, People Are Dying For Perspective”

  1. Christian Swensen

    I can actually answer the question about why the banal entertainment makes more money. It’s simple, absolute, and unavoidable in ANY economic system.
    Some jobs scale upward effectively, and most do not.
    All of the “doing” jobs do not scale. Gains of efficiency are made in percentages. For the most part, though, it requires double input to generate double output.
    Some jobs, on the other hand, scale very effectively. Management is the prime example, as managing 10 guys does not take twice as much effort or time, compared to managing 5 guys.

    Then there’s entertainment…
    Entertainment is ONLY effective in scale. A rock band requires tens of thousands of dollars of gear to put on a modest show at a pub. If the only revenue was ticket sales, they’d never be profitable. But a recording can be sold millions of times, for no additional investment. This is where the entertainment industry is so unique. They’re packaging a product with minimal investment, minimal overhead, and minimal liability… but it’s also only woth fractions of a penny. Luckily, their customers consume billions every day.

    This scaling effect is like gravity and time. It doesn’t matter what you think of it. It simply is.

  2. Jacob Lantom

    America is not the greatest country. Hasnt been for a long time. Just look at the riots? Seriously, America cant get anything done without a war. England got rid of their slavery problem 30 years before we did and they did it without a civil war. One part of me wants a communist america so we would finally taste humility and know what is important. We have all of our woes coming to us

  3. Richard Wright

    We are not great. We have never been great and if you can’t see other countries laughing at us then you are either incredibly stupid or don’t care.

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