Amber Heard BRAGS No One Will Believe Johnny Depp Because She Is A Woman

New audio recorded during tumultuous divorce shows Amber Heard to be abusive and manipulative toward Johnny Depp. Tim and Adam discuss the implications of feminism vs. tradition and share anecdotes

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  1. Leah Hathaway

    Victims of domestic violence don’t talk to their abusers the way she talks to him and call their abusers names. They are silent and reserved and are afraid of their abusers.

  2. Mice Elf

    There’s a HUGE form of this that occurs in the workplace more often than you might think… female co-workers who have a crush on a guy, but he isn’t interested and doesn’t reciprocate.

    Let me preface this with the following are things told to me _BY WOMEN,_ and I’ve personally experienced more than once.

    Most women live in a romance novel fantasy world much of the time. Even if they’re married, or don’t actually want any sexual encounter to take place, they may fantasize about a male co-worker they find attractive and desperately desiring *THEM,* and wanting to make mad passionate love in the supply closet.

    When the guy treats them just like everyone else, no special attention whatsoever, he hasn’t followed the script she has in her head, so in her mind, she’s been *DUMPED.*

    Now… what’s the first order of business with women when they’ve been dumped? *REVENGE!!!* of course.

    At this point, she may make up ALL KINDS of lies to get this dude *fired,* when he’s done absolutely NOTHING… which of course is the problem (to her), and much to the total confusion of the innocent guy.

  3. Julie Holland Devenport

    Amber heard is the one who did all the recordings, which is why he asked to listen to them… These ones they both knew were being recorded as it was therapy for them, but she does record without consent a lot… lots of information about it out there. Also, if you listen to the one where he says you lied to travis, she actually says near the end, the battery is running out on the recording…. In the UK now, they look at both parties to check for marks before they decide which one to remove… They are also slowly beginning to set up helplines for male victims of domestic violence… even been covered in a few of the soaps over here too…

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