A (Non) Exhaustive List Of Things That Have Been Deemed OFFENSIVE By The Left, For Some Reason

Tipping. Women. Chess. Crosswalk signs. Mayonnaise. Soap. Guess what all these things have in common? You guessed it: They’ve all been deemed racist by the wild, wild left. The beanie crew takes a walk down the lane of everything that the left has decided needs to be called out for racism, list curated by Titania McGrath.

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3,608 Replies to “A (Non) Exhaustive List Of Things That Have Been Deemed OFFENSIVE By The Left, For Some Reason”

  1. George Funkhouser

    Wow who’s saying all this stuff is racist cause I was born in the 70s and we didn’t have these issues back then even in the 80s and 90s.who ever it is is degrading people s minds if a dog doesn’t like someone they will know it don’t matter whether your black or white I don’t get whoever wrote these stuff as racist.Is ubsurd.and stupid.all I know is I voted for republicans for the state of washington if I would have known that democrats are racist I would have not voted for democrats but not all democrats are not all racist or racist thinking so I don’t want to be put on the pedestal as a racist pig because I love my colored friends and if I had a chance to date or marry a person of a different color I Will do so does not make us racist pigs their gonna change a Lot of school mascots because their racist so if your school is called the chiefs their gonna change it or panthers will they change panthers as a mascot they will do everything to tear apart our country and start an American revalution.

  2. Martins Reynolds

    The longer this goes on the more I realise I was right about disliking everyone. I thought it was me being wierd and an introvert and probably landing somewhere on the autism scale. But no turns out everyone is crazy.

  3. Smokes A Lot

    About the air pollution, that could be true as most minorities do live in more urban environments, not the nicest air quality there.

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