A Chinese Billionaire VANISHED After Challenging Global Bankers, He’s Been Gone For MONTHS

Tim, Luke, and Lydia host Drew Hernandez from TheOfficerTatum.com and Elijah Schaffer of Slightly Offensive/The Blaze to discuss America’s indebtedness to China – and the recent mysterious disappearance of one of China’s prominent billionaires, Jack Ma.

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1,119 Replies to “A Chinese Billionaire VANISHED After Challenging Global Bankers, He’s Been Gone For MONTHS”

  1. scasny

    to those revelations. Some folks think this about the Euro. But dont take Bible too seriously its basically a compilation of several books that were written 200-600 years after the “events”. Some did not make the final cut (3-4 not very sure) and you have the 2000 years of translation and editing. Dozens of contradictions, weird rules (that make sense in ancient world), practices and custom that we now see as unethical and wrong.

    But to be honest there is some wisdom in it, just like in all religions and moral stories. I personally love Ancient egypt and greek mythology. Some theories suggest that the mythos of jesus originate in egypt around 3000 BC and the story of horus spread around the world.
    If you are religious dont google this thing and then say that i rob you of faith and that im the devil or something.

  2. Tom Banaski

    I worked for a large bank in Chicago years ago. While I didn’t have the ability you mentioned to manually adjust balances, I did have access to forms to submit to reverse a LOT of charges that most people just pay. Never pay fees at a bank; as long as it doesn’t happen all the time, ask them to reverse charges like overdraft charges as a “onetime courtesy”. Just about every bank will do this without blinking—you just need to know how to ask for it.

  3. wehavebeenenslaved

    The debt in the system is now the only thing holding up all the asset prices, so the central banks have to continue to create more and more debt in order to hold up the value of all the global assets , the problem is this debt needs to grow exponentially and the system is about to fail. many people are finally waking up to this but 2008 was when you had to start preparing your exit from the system.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    My mother always told me the world would end when everyone realises that money doesn’t exist. I’m now kind of scared this conversation is becoming more open.

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