A 5G Cell Tower May Have Been TORCHED Over Theory That 5G Causes COVID Or Something

Tim and Adam discuss the conspiracy theory behind a rather unorthodox new attempt to tackle coronavirus being attempted in the UK: Burning 5G towers.

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1,269 Replies to “A 5G Cell Tower May Have Been TORCHED Over Theory That 5G Causes COVID Or Something”

  1. Aaron Beall

    Radiation lowers your immunity. Well 4g isn’t exactly good and it’s not really a theory. You can test the “acceptable limits” and it’s way higher. Sometimes tens of times.

  2. GTA2SWcity

    “Why would the government collaborate to kill people?” Simple. Why have industries put money behind blaming others for health problems their products might cause? Why would anyone advocate population reduction at any cost? Nice strawman, Tim. To be clear, yes the issues people have with 5G tend to get blown out of proportion and you get hyperbole. That said there are actually valid concerns. In a nutshell frequency bandwidths of higher 4G and basically all of 5G include that of microwave radiation.

    Sure one can claim the signals are of very low intensity and cannot hurt you. However, this very much depends how much you are exposed to this signal over any length of time, whether or not exposure is repeated with any regular frequency, and the power output of said signal. Sure occasional incidental exposure might not harm you; if you have your wireless adapter putting signals through your leg for 10 years, that does tend to build up over time. Don’t be surprised when something weird starts happening in your leg after about decade.

    Shills keep saying “it’s not magic cooties because this is non-ionizing radiation”…No shit Sherlock? Hey guess what? Your microwave oven ALSO produces non-ionizing radiation @ 2.45 Gigahertz wavelength energy to vibrate water molecules and causes things to heat up (it’s also terribly destructive to the nutritional value of food for this reason). 5G includes 2.4GHz as a bandwidth (only 500 MegaHertz less). There’s a REASON we have metal shielding for microwave ovens with safety interlocks. There’s a REASON we have specialized conduits for signal cords. There’s a REASON that they do not recommend remaining in close physical proximity to your CPU (2GHz or more) for extended periods of time without it having metal shielding towards you. Granted a good bit of this is localized, but that doesn’t mean it’s a smart idea to entirely disregard.

    Open signals in the atmosphere? Fine until people have to travel through it regularly with no other routes.

    Without proper housing and shielding, microwave radiation can have the following effects on human body:
    brain damage
    sterilization of reproductive organs
    benign tumors and cysts within the digestive system
    pancreas can cease functioning, in part or in whole

    Just food for thought–no puns and no irony.

  3. fullmotiondriver

    You can opt out of 4G, but not 5G as it does not require your phone. 5G is deployed in the general environment.

  4. fullmotiondriver

    5G is about massive surveillance and control. It allows the placement of many more thousands of devices in a given area. China is attempting to dominate 5G worldwide. When combined with Rfds it could track every individual in real time.

  5. Mr. Big

    GOOD! I’d love to see a lot more go up in fucking flames! This is exactly why I unsubbed from this douchebag bootlicker!

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