5 Things I Hate About Leftists

I get asked this more often than you’d think.

Clips taken from Academic Agent’s stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et9av3es6S4

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1,118 Replies to “5 Things I Hate About Leftists”

  1. Merrill Milner

    I was hoping they would address the left’s favorite target, which are young people. Too many of them can’t think for themselves and need to be part of the herd – which the left preys on.

  2. Babidi

    – communism seems awesome, if we had like infinite resources and fantastical ways of distributing them. it just doesn’t seem to work without magic or startrek level tech….

  3. KerrBox

    I may be wrong but I personally blame third wave feminism for the state of the easily offended world we have now, I mean, I started to notice feminists becoming more vocal and hypocritical around 2010, this is when I was 18 and just started to notice some of the things feminists were saying and i really didn’t agree with them because of the hypocrisy. Then just a couple of years later, black lives matter started up which as far as I could see was basically the same thing as feminism but now it was a racial thing. Feminism equals males are oppressors and females are victims, black lives matter says white people are oppressor and black people are victims. Not long after that, the LGBT community became a lot more vocal, I have no problem with gay people, but my stance on that is the same as my stance on religion, as long as you don’t shove it in my face, it doesn’t bother me. As for the trans community, my views are more or less the same, but I think that trans people carry a personal responsibility of being upfront and honest with people about the decisions they have made with their lives, especially when it comes to romantic relationships, also understand that because of a choice that you made for yourself, life is going to be a little bit harder on you whether you like it or not , you can’t expect to make choices like this and have and not carry some difficulties with it. I have never and will never agree with identity politics, you can’t just say “I identify as this, that and the other” and then that becomes the truth. As i said at the start, I primarily blame feminism for essentially opening the floodgates and leading us to where we are, it was the third wave feminists who started this victimhood competition, as far as i can tell, as i said, i started to notice things becoming a bit more extreme some time around or after 2010, so I could be wrong, it may not have been third wave feminism that began all of this, but that’s just what i can see from when I started paying more attention to politics and hypocrisies

  4. Sikra Sikra

    About racism… All along my life i NEVER saw a couple of Blacks adopting a white Child but i saw many White couples adopting black yellow and other kids. In my opinion that’s a sign of pure racism toward whites well planted in blacks minds. White people do have a masochistic pornographic compassion self destructive. Personally i wouldn’t Never adopt a black or an arab kid but would considered for sure a white child.

  5. Sergei Bash

    16:00 I am not sure what you meant but that sounded very off. People care about friends and family out of economic necessety? :-/

  6. Tylr

    Kumar, the richest engineer, has a good take on what louis is saying. Something like , we live in a very compassionate universe. Until we are able to carry or handle a burden the universe will keep taking it out of our hands. Like a loving parent concerned for our wellbeing. Interesting take on it.

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